See Billy Elliot Actor Flirt With Nazism in ‘Skin’ Trailer

Jamie Bell, who once played the adorable little Billy Elliot who only wanted to dance ballet, flirts with becoming a neo-Nazi in the upcoming film Skin. In a trailer for the film, Bell has covered his face with tattoos and struggles with his identity — racial and otherwise — as he talks to both a bearded supremacist and an African American who offers to help him. “What if I take all this stuff off and I’m still a piece of shit?” he asks himself at one point. He denies his family, winds up in a hospital bed and escapes gunfire in the two-minute clip for the film, which will come out on DirecTV on June 27th and open in theaters on July 26th. It’s inspired by true events.

Filmmaker Guy Nattiv, who won an Oscar for a short film of the same name (though with a different plot) this year, wrote and directed the as-yet-unrated picture. It also stars Danielle Macdonald, Mike Colter and Vera Farmiga.

“I moved here five years ago from Israel,” Nattiv said during his acceptance speech. “My grandparents are all survivors, and the bigotry that they experienced in the holocaust, we see that everywhere today in America, in Europe. And this film is about education. It’s about teaching your kids a better way.”


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