‘Scrap zones and give London flat rate for Tube and train trips’, says mayoral candidate Sian Berry


ondon’s fare zones system should be replaced with a flat-rate for Tube and train journeys, a mayoral candidate said on Monday as the cost of travel increased by 2.6 per cent.

Green Sian Berry said it was unfair that lower income Londoners who had been pushed to the suburbs by high housing costs had to pay more to get into town. Passengers will pay an estimated £60 million more to travel in London this year as a result of the above-inflation increase.

Key changes include an increase of between 1.9 per cent and 3.3 per cent in the daily pay-as-you-go “cap” on multiple trips using Oyster or contactless cards — though single Oyster and contactless Tube fares in zone one are frozen at £2.40.

Ms Berry said she was committed to “flattening fares” and creating a single zone system for all Tube and rail trips, akin to the single bus fare, which rises today by 5p to £1.55.

She contrasted the cost of a weekly Travelcard for zones one and two of £37 with the zones one to six charge of £67.70. The annual cost for zones one to two is £1,702, compared with £3,114.20 for zones one to six.

Ms Berry said: “More and more people are being pushed to the edges of London because of housing costs in the centre, only to be punished by spiralling transport costs when they move. Two workers in the same hospital should pay the same fare to get to work no matter where they live.”

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Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Luisa Porritt said the fares hike showed the need to change the way Transport for London is funded. She called for the congestion charge to be updated so drivers were charged according to how far they travelled and the amount of pollution they caused.

“London should be the first city to pioneer a smart, fair and green road pricing system – cleaning up our air, easing congestion and putting TfL’s finances on a surer footing all at once,” she said.


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