Scottish cat has been thieving socks and pants and shoplifting bread for eight years

He may look like butter wouldn’t melt…(Picture: @thomasthewashinglinethief/Instagram)

Thomas is a cat who lives to steal.

Whether it’s socks and pants from neighbours or loaves of bread from the local shop, if Thomas wants it, he’ll get it with the four toe-bean discount.

The 10-year-old cat, who lives in Kilmarnock, has had a life of crime so prolific that all the locals have had to be warned that things may go missing from their washing lines.

He was first caught by owner Fiona Lewis, 42, when he came home with items that didn’t belong to the family.

And his compulsion to take what isn’t his has only grown.

He’s robbed everything from actual fish from a pond to pitta breads, and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Thomas is a big fan of tights (Picture: @thomasthewashinglinethief/Instagram)

Speaking to the Kilmarnock Standard, Fiona said: ‘At first it would just be the odd thing, like a sock or a teddy. Next door had a wee fish pond and he took all the fish out and laid them on their door step.

‘But it’s got more over time. He brings something every day now.

Showing off his paws – aka tools to go robbing washing lines (Picture: @thomasthewashinglinethief/Instagram)

‘He also used to bring back rolls and pitta breads from the shop over the back from us after they got their delivery in the morning.’

Fiona runs an Instagram account documenting Thomas’s thieving sprees, with his most recent haul consisting of nine pairs of tights taken over the course of two days.

A recent swag bag (Picture: @thomasthewashinglinethief/Instagram)

Nurse Fiona, who lives with husband Gareth and kids Carmen, 14, and Deacon, 17, has not yet had anyone come back to claim stolen items despite knowing what kind of tricks Thomas gets up to.

The family believe the reason Thomas is addicted to stealing is because they praised him when he first brought items to the doorstep.

‘He loves being praised so when he first brought things we made a fuss of him because he was so happy with himself,’ said Fiona.

‘He just likes being the centre of attention.’

If you’ve been a victim of Thomas’ thievery, you can see if your clothes are with Fiona on the Instagram account dedicated to his light paws.

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