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Scott Brooks Wants Wizards Players to Play Less Video Games, Watch More Film – NBC4 Washington

Brooks wants Wizards players to play less video games, watch more film originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Kids these days, right?

Wizards head coach Scott Brooks can relate. He said on Friday he wants his young players to watch more film and play fewer video games. Apparently, that is a common problem in his experience coaching players of the current era.

I think all of our players need to improve on it. We send clips out [and] they need to watch it. We know who watches it and doesn’t watch it. All of our guys need to improve. It’s a physical game and a mental game. You just can’t work on the physical part and neglect the mental part of it,” Brooks said.

“Video games are fun, but it doesn’t pay the bills. A lot of the players nowadays, they want to play video games. You can spend some time doing that, but you’ve gotta take care of your business first.”

The Wizards often send out film clips of their opponents for players to download on an iPad. But, as he noted, just because you send them out doesn’t mean the players will take the time to study. If they did, Brooks believes it would help the Wizards’ defense in particular, as you can pick up on tendencies and plays.

It’s not just film that Brooks would like them to watch, however. He says each player has access to watch any game they want on off-nights. They just don’t consume as much basketball as he would like. 

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“Watch games at night. League pass is available for everybody and it’s fun watching games. You can watch six or seven hours a night of basketball. That’s what you should do,” Brooks said.

Second-year forward Rui Hachimura said on Wednesday night after the team’s win over the Heat that he has been watching more film lately with coaches, trying to learn personnel around the league. He seems to be making an effort, at least. 

Collectively, though, Wizards players need to put down that Playstation controller and do their homework.


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