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Scientific Take on How Video Games Influence Individuals Who Play Video Games – Cole of Duty

It wouldn’t be wrong if someone says to live in an age of Video Games. People are more oriented towards these video games than any other thing that may give them pleasure. Various scientific researches have been published on the rationales of Video Gaming. 24.5 Billion Games have been sold as of a study of 2019 says about this research. If you are sitting in front of your PC or XBOX setup with Safety Glasses on, it would surely have an impact on your brain as well as on your personality. If you are playing a particular game for hours in a day, for days in a week and weeks in a month, that game would automatically have some influences on you. These influences can either come in the form of behavioral changes or they come in the forms of unconscious reactions portrayed by players. Based on those unprecedented reactions, scientists have deduced certain studies. These studies speak about the influences of Video Games. They also speak about the related parameters that come from playing video games very excessively. You can wear Safety Glasses to save your eyes from LED, but there is no helmet yet produced that can save your mind from the impacts of excessive video gaming.


  • Anticipated Changes in Brain.

More than 116 scientific researches published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience portray the impacts of video gaming. People who are playing video games daily are subject to the impacts of these games. It is considered that certain spheres and areas in their brain change after some time if an individual keep playing video games regularly. These mental changes aren’t just internal, they have an external impact as well. These changes are causing behavioral changes in people. These impacts are also causing certain inclinations in these individuals. These inclinations aren’t considered mainstream neither they are being perceived as good gestures.


  • Attention-Oriented Posture.
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No matter you are playing simple games or you are playing complex games, one thing is very much obvious that the player needs his/her utmost attention. Without attention or focus, there would be no winning but the opposite of it. As it comes to a real-life scenario, people who play video games are more attentive to details. They are more inclined towards details and can easily pick them up. These minor and major details can make things more productive as well as more result-oriented. That’s the reason, the children who play video games are sharper as well as more active. These are the vivid impacts of playing video games. 


  • Problem Solving & Creative Developments.

Video Games are all about problem-solving. Complex problems are there in video games. Simplest problems are there in the video games. If you are playing video games, you are indirectly solving the problems. The problems that aren’t associated with real life. But you are solving these problems anyway. You are finding creative means to deal with these problems at best to find the most efficient as well as the most effective solution. Did you notice that thing? It dictates that you are training your mind to solve complex problems. It also dictates that you are training your mind to find creative solutions to complex problems. That’s the reason, individuals who play video games are more creative as well as more solution-oriented individuals as compared to an average person. The average person isn’t that much creative either that much solution-oriented on the other hand. Video Games in this regard give certain advantageous parameters to their audience.


  • Social Isolation; Other Side of the Coin.
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There comes another side of the story. People are sitting for hours in front of their gaming systems aren’t going social in that time. It means they are non-social in the times they are playing video games. They prefer living in the utmost insolation where they can completely focus on their video games. As you witnessed that video games were benefitting the players. But that is also a reality. If you are playing video games for hours, you are also falling prey to the aspect of social isolation and that’s not quite good at all. You need to find a thin line in between.


Most of the video games are based on fighting. They have a certain level and various missions. You need to complete your mission to reach the next level no matter what. If you are doing this for hours in a way, for days in a week and weeks in a month, it becomes your habit. You also become an aggressive person as it comes to real life. You unconsciously tend to solve the real-life problems the way you are solving the problems in the games. No matter how sophisticated it looks when an individual in Prescription Safety Glasses is simply sitting in front of a system without harming or disturbing anyone. That person can be violent in real life.


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