‘Scary scene’ as huge 15ft Burmese python swallows cow WHOLE before stomach-bursting death

The 15ft snake, said to be a Burmese python, clearly had eyes bigger than its belly when it decided to swallow a calf whole in Thailand. The Daily Star has revealed how the monster reptile suffered a painful stomach bursting death after it opted to eat the cow.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, this Burmese python is far larger than the average one removed from the Sunshine State.

Their website claims: “The average size of a Burmese python removed in Florida is 8 to 10 feet.”

A Thai farmer, believed to be from the Phitsanulok province in the north of the Far Eastern nation, found the snake struggling in the long grass, just days after the farmer realised a cow had gone missing.

But rather than just finding the remains of his calf, the farmer stumbled across the super snake with its belly torn apart.

No other animals are reported to have been attacked by the ravenous reptile.

Village official Nirum Leewattanakul said: “The python must have been hungry and saw the cow.

“It then strangled the cow to kill it before swallowing its whole body.

“However, after the cow died inside the snake, its body became swollen and stretched the snake’s stomach even more.

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Burmese pythons, which can weigh up to 200lbs, tend to feast on anything from rodents to deer.

Just two years ago, another Burmese python burst to death after it gulped down a six-foot-long alligator at the Everglades National Park in Miami-Dade, Florida.


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