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It all started at the beginning of 2022 when Rino&Pelle took the first steps towards a new ready to wear line. Now, over two years later, the women’s fashion label introduces a new line named ‘RINO’. This new line aligns perfectly with the classic and feminine character that has been linked with Rino&Pelle as an outerwear brand since 1987.

Introducing Rino

By introducing the label RINO by Rino&Pelle, the brand Rino&Pelle evolves from the outside in. The brand wants to create a clear partition between their outerwear collection (where they used to focus on), and their new ready-to-wear collections. By introducing the RINO label, the brand offers a refreshing addition to their collection which gives them the possibility to create a complete look. The RINO collection can be purchased separately from their existing outerwear line.

‘’Up to now, buyers visit our showrooms mainly to buy outerwear for their retail stores. There already are ready-to-wear items available in the showrooms, but often there is no budget left for this. This generally results in buying session where mostly outerwear items are purchased,’’ tells Daniel Libner (Sales manager at Rino&Pelle). ‘’By introducing a new ready-to-wear-line we want to build more structure throughout our collections, in this way we can offer our customers a complete look in connection with existing outerwear.

Filled with new energy Rino&Pelle is going to start the RINO adventure to enrich a woman’s complete wardrobe.

Within RINO, the focus is on natural fabrics and improving knitwear, viscose and renewed prints. The new RINO line opens up many possibilities for the design team. From now on they can create complete looks with endless styling options that align smoothly with their outerwear collection. Together with the reveal of RINO, the brand is going to work with several drops throughout the season. This is to ensure more variation during the season. The outerwear drop will be released first, followed by two drops within the RINO collection. The brand changed their corporate identity for the new line. The RINO collection can be recognized by the beige labels and hangtags with a bright red RINO logo.


The time of stepping out has finally arrived. Dress up and be surprised by fine knitwear and tonal sets mixed with graphic prints and jungle vibes. Soft fabrics and modern prints are highlighted in this collection. Expect a combination of classy, cool and comfy looks that emphasize femininity.

The very first collection of RINO by Rino&Pelle is currently available in the Rino&Pelle showrooms and can be admired in retail stores and online by July/August 2022.

RINO, FW22 Collection, courtesy of the brand.

Growth ambitions

Changes do not come naturally and this is not the first time that Rino&Pelle has chosen a different path than expected. In 2021 the brand has launched its first HomeStories collection with various accessories to create a warm atmosphere at home. The HomeStories collection will be further extended during the Winter season. The brand is very inventive and continues to develop continuously. ‘’We are ambitious and want to keep growing as a lifestyle brand. The main goal is to offer our customers a complete experience,’’ says Daniel Libner.


As always, the Rino&Pelle customers can expect a versatile outerwear collection full of faux fur textures, reversible jackets, flashy metallics and warm tones. Not only coats will be highlighted in this collection, but Rino&Pelle also added trendy accessories to elevate your look. Think about scarves, hats and gloves that are essential when braving the cold winter weather. The self-confidence Rino&Pelle muse will go out this winter in bright colours and statement pieces!

RINO, FW22 Collection, courtesy of the brand.


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