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Saturday Night Takeaway: Ant and Dec leave fans in stitches over hilarious Dermot O’Leary prank throwback

Ant and Dec said farewell to Saturday Night Takeaway this year with a joyous dive back through some of the show’s best moments, leaving viewers in stitches.

With the planned finale at Disneyland axed due to coronavirus, the presenters sent fans off with a number of select highlights, ranging from emotional showstoppers to hilarious pranks.

Fans loved the throwback to their edition of Get Out Me Ear with TV presenter Dermot O’Leary, during which they commanded the star to wreak havoc in a Tescos.

The side-splitting prank saw Ant and Dec command O’Leary to do increasingly crazy things, such as stealing items from people’s trolleys, climbing into someone’s trolley, and using a melon and some pineapples to create a makeshift bowling alley.

The grand finale came as they forced O’Leary to smash an entire stack of eggs, shocking other customers – but And and Dec revealed O’Leary returned and helped the Tesco staff members clean up the mess.

Viewers loved rewatching the segment, with Twitter users saying it was cheering them up during lockdown.

“Love Dermot O’Leary in Tesco doing those pranks,” wrote one user. “It’s just what we need during this distressing and difficult time.. well done guys”.

“Honestly I’m in a little ball wanting the ground to swallow me up, can’t imagine what Dermot felt like!” wrote another.

A third wrote: “That Dermot O’Leary prank was iconic”.

The duo also looked back at a time they managed to prank James Corden on his own late night show in the US.

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And and Dec used actors to make Corden late for his own show, and then pranked him during a segment – making it appear as though a guest seriously injured themselves on live television.

Appearing via video link on tonight’s episode, Corden laughed as he recalled the elaborate prank.

“I remember just thinking, ‘oh my goodness they got me proper’,” he said.

Corden then declared that he was using his time in isolation planning on how he was going to get his revenge.

And and Dec also began tonight’s show with a flashback to an instalment of their game I Know What You Did Last Summer, in which they revealed to a young woman named Victoria that her parents had in fact followed her around on her big overseas experience the year prior.

The moment came full-circle when Ant and Dec surprised Victoria by flying her boyfriend back from New York – to propose to her live on air. (She said yes).

Viewers recalled the emotional moment fondly, with one writing: “I can’t not cry at proposals like that”.

Signing off, And and Dec said that while the Saturday Night Takeaway finale “Wasn’t quite the series we planned,” it had been a “privilege” to keep presenting the show from their homes.

This season saw And and Dec record the show without a studio audience for the first time in the show’s history.

The duo will be back on screens next week on the new season of Britain’s Got Talent.

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