Sarah Harding cried and drank wine with Nadine Coyle hours after cancer diagnosis

Sarah Harding shared drinks with Nadine Coyle as the tragic Girls Aloud star poured her heart out just hours after her cancer diagnosis.

Earlier today, it was confirmed that the 39-year-old pop sensation lost her life after a brief battle with breast cancer.

The singer was diagnosed with cancer in early 2020 before she informed fans of the sad news during last summer.

Sarah said that she was a ‘mess’ when doctors told her of the diagnosis, as revealed in her book Hear Me Out – which was released just months before her tragic passing, reports the Mirror.

The Girls Aloud star tragically lost her life after a brief battle with breast cancer

She then took comfort in Nadine Coyle’s company as Sarah spent that evening crying and drinking wine with her former bandmate.

And this continued, as Nadine went on to travel up to Manchester to see Sarah during a brief break in lockdowns in December 2020.

They shared a few glasses of wine, Nadine cooked and they bought a Christmas tree and exchanged presents.

Sarah wrote: “Throughout the evening, we all had our moments of hysterical laugher followed by tears.

“At one point, Nadine told me in no uncertain terms how much she cared about me: ‘You don’t understand, Sarah. I love you!'”

The pair stayed up late into the night, eating cheese and biscuits and talking.

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Sarah added: “OK, so it wasn’t like the nights of wild partying I did back in the day, but it was still very special.”

Before her diagnosis, Sarah had been feeling pain under her arms and discovered that her lymph nodes were swollen.

But she thought she had a cyst or a bite, and didn’t want to go into hospital because of the pandemic.

She went for an ultrasound and doctors told her she would have to have an MRI.

Sarah took painkillers to get her through but when it became unbearable she called the doctor, who told her she’d taken too many tablets and had to go to A&E, where she was put on antibiotics.

It was only after this that she arranged to get her breast looked at properly, and she had her scan and then a biopsy.

She went with her friend Anna, her ex-boyfriend’s sister, to get the results.

A doctor, surgeon and a nurse were there at her appointment, which she knew was a bad sign.

Sarah wrote: “When the doctor delivered the news that I had breast cancer, I was a mess – like anyone would be.

“Being faced with your own mortality is not something you consider, but that’s how that moment felt for me.”

The nurse tried to reassure her and told her not to give up hope, and there were a lot of treatment options to try.

Sarah added: “Whatever else she said to me barely sank in. My head was spinning. How was I going to process this news? How was I going to get by from day-to-day with the knowledge that I was suddenly fighting for my life?”

Nadine paid tribute to Sarah in an Instagram post, released hours after the tragic news of her death.

She wrote: “I am absolutely devastated! I can’t think of words that could possibly express how I feel about this girl and what she means to me!

“I know so many of you will be feeling this way.

“For now, I’m sending so much love to you.”


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