Salmond accuses Sturgeon of using Covid briefing to 'effectively question jury result' – live updates

Scotland’s former first minister appears before MSPs investigating inquiry by Nicola Sturgeon’s government into complaints made against him

4.48pm GMT

The session is resuming. Salmond was asked about Peter Murrell’s texts (see earlier).

Salmond said those texts showed there was an effort to pressurise the police.

4.40pm GMT

PA also has a fuller version of Salmond answer to Wightman’s questions about the grounds for judicial review he was advised would have the highest chance of success.

Salmond said “procedural unfairness” was among them, adding:

One of the strongest arguments, and I’m not competent to judge the strongest argument, but certainly as put to me one of the strongest arguments was the nature of the investigating officer [Judith Mackinnon].

I’m not talking here about the prior involvement that was subsequently discovered, but the nature of how the investigating officer conducts his or her activities.

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