Saira Khan shares beautiful snap of the moment she met her adopted daughter

Saira Khan has taken a trip down memory lane – to the day she met her daughter.

Saira and husband Steve Hyde adopted Amara in Pakistan back in 2011, where they met a four-days-old baby Amara.

Their little girl turned 10 on Sunday, and to mark the occasion proud mum Saira posted a snap of the moment she first held her.

Amara lies in her arms while Saira gazes adoringly on.

“10 years ago I travelled to the Edhi Orphanage in Karachi Pakistan to adopt a little girl,” Saira – who recently announced she was leaving Loose Women – explained.

“This is the moment I met my daughter. Electricity ran through my body and fused us together. As soon as our eyes met and locked I knew I wanted to love and care for her everyday of my life.

Saira Khan
Saira shared the sweet moment she met Amara

“We named her Amara meaning immortal and peaceful.”

She went on to thank everyone who’d made the adoption possible, and added: “Happy Birthday beautiful Amara. You are more than we ever imagined. Thank you for bringing us so much joy everyday.”

Saira followed up with a snap of Amara now, beaming for the camera and cuddling the family dog.

“If you ask. The Universe delivers. I believe in in the stars, fate, and destiny,” she captioned it.

Saira Khan's daughter Amara
Amara turned 10 on Sunday

Saira Khan and daughter Amara
Saira penned a sweet tribute to her daughter on her 10th birthday

“This photo is proof of all that. Against all the odds I can say today, Happy 10th Birthday my beautiful daughter Amara. You were my rainbow wish.

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“Wishes come true if you really believe in them and help to make them happen.”

Saira and Steve also share son Zachariah, 12.

The couple were unable to conceive a second child after an unsuccessful round of IVF.

They spent around three months searching in the UK to adopt, before moving their search to Pakistan.

Saira Khan and her son Zac
Saira Khan and Steve also have son Zachariah

Saira Khan and husband Steve Hyde
Saira and Steve have been married for 17 years

She previously told Metro: “Looking back now, and having gone through the experience, I would say we’ve probably got one of the best adoption processes in the world, but saying that, I did go through a charity called Pact (Parents and Children Together), and going down that route was brilliant for my husband and I.

“We were listened to, the process was quick and we knew what was going on all the time.”

Saira continued: “I turned up to the orphanage, they said a baby has been abandoned, six days later they phone me up, ‘come and get that baby’.

“I had that baby in arms not knowing the reasons behind why she was in that orphanage, none of her medical history, I knew nothing. I didn’t know how many days old she was…”


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