Sainsbury Christmas advert 2019: Watch the full Sainsbury's Christmas advert HERE

Supermarket Sainsbury’s has unveiled its 2019 Christmas advert which harks back to a bygone era. There are two versions of the television commercial – a 90-second one and a full two-and-a-minute advert. The advert depicts a Dickensian London and the humble beginnings of a mysterious child known as Nicholas and the origin story of Father Christmas.

The advert coincides with the retailer’s 150th anniversary with the tagline: “Helping make Christmas, Christmas since 1869.”

Opening with the first Sainsbury’s store in 1869 in Dickensian London, viewers meet John James and Mary Ann showcase their produce.

Among the apples, eggs and bread is an overflowing bag of ripe, juicy clementines which catches the eye of the passersby which includes a group of chimney sweeps.

Here begins the story of young Nicholas, who is among the children and a Fagin-esque figure who is their boss.

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Sadly, Nicholas is wrongly accused of stealing one clementine and packed off in a cart and banished.

However, in the true spirit of Christmas, he’s saved by Mary Ann, who has seen the whole incident play out and ventured out into the wilderness to find the child.

After Mary Ann finds him and takes him back to London in her carriage, she gifts him a bag of clementines.

The youngster remarks he can’t pay her for the fruits, to which she responds: “If you can’t do something special for someone at Christmas, then when can you?”

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Mary Ann’s act of kindness inspires Nicholas to share the clementines with his chimney sweep chums.

In the middle of the night, Nicholas climbs down the chimney into their dwellings and puts an orange into each of their stockings before disappearing.

Nicholas is wearing a red jacket and hat as he makes his rounds, knowing he’s brought a touch of magic to Christmas.

Speaking about the Christmas ad campaign, Laura Boothby, Head of Broadcast Marketing at Sainsbury’s said: “It’s been a special year for Sainsbury’s and we felt it was fitting for our Christmas advert to look back and celebrate the role we’ve played in making Christmas Christmas for the nation for the past 150 years.

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“We’ve always helped to bring a bit of sparkle to everyone’s Christmas, be it through the delicious turkey, brussel sprouts or even exotic clementines!”

Taking on the role of Nicholas is child actor Chris Dunkley who was chosen to play Nick the Sweep thanks to his range.

The Sainsbury’s advert will be launching on Tuesday, November 12 during an Emmerdale ad break on ITV.

This Sainsbury’s commercial comes hot on the heels of other brands including Aldi, Lidl and M&S.

As people gear up for Christmas, fans are waiting for the highly-anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert to drop.


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