Sadiq Khan’s culture budget almost doubles as crime spirals – and 30 killed in London in 2019

SADIQ Khan has been accused of having the “wrong priorities” for London after it emerged the culture budget has increased by £11million on his watch.

As crime continues to ravage the capital and across the country, the Tories said London Mayor wasn’t fully grasping the seriousness of the problem, and urged him to put more money into extra police officers instead.

 Sadiq Khan has been accused of having the wrong priorities by boosting the culture budget

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Sadiq Khan has been accused of having the wrong priorities by boosting the culture budget

Mr Khan has claimed to have done “all I can” to tackle violent crime in London – because ministers aren’t giving him enough money to make ends meet.

But the culture budget has increased from £13.2million in 2016/17 to £24.6million in the 2018/19.

It’s predicted to fall slightly to £21million next year.

Some of the money promised includes £1.35million to hold the the ‘London Borough of Culture’ award in Waltham Forest this year.

£1.2million has been splashed out to try and make London the ‘games capital of the world’, and millions has been given to the London Design Festival and the British Fashion Council.

£4million is earmarked to move the Museum of London too.

GLA Conservatives Leader Gareth Bacon AM said: “Londoners will rightly question how this Mayor can routinely claim that he doesn’t have the money to tackle our city’s terrible violent crime epidemic, yet somehow find millions extra to splurge on fashion, film and a games festival.

“This just goes to show that Sadiq Khan has entirely the wrong priorities for London.

“It is becoming clearer by the day that this Mayor simply doesn’t grasp the seriousness of our city’s soaring crime rates. If he did, he’d stop spending money like water on waste, spin and extra bureaucrats, and instead use this cash to get more police on our streets.”

This just goes to show that Sadiq Khan has entirely the wrong priorities for London

Gareth Bacon

Tories want to make swinging cuts to the Mayor’s PR, culture and GLA budgets to put 1400 more cops on London’s streets.

The Mayor’s office said that tackling violent crime was Mr Khan’s “highest priority” but said that he had to make up for council youth budgets which have been slashed by £39billion.

They argued that the extra cash spent in the culture department would go towards activities and training to help kids stop getting caught up in crime, and towards creating jobs in the run up to Brexit.

Mr Khan hiked up council tax for Londoners earlier this year by an average of £26 a year to pay for more police, the fire brigade, and his new Violence Reduction Unit.

But today he’s written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid demanding more cash – and he’s going to apply for extra funding to cover the costs of policing the climate change protests in the capital this week which have caused chaos to hundreds of thousands.

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “Tackling violent crime is Sadiq’s highest priority in the face of huge Government cuts to the police and youth services.”

How crime has spiralled in London under Sadiq Khan in the last few years

  • All crime in London up from 777,000 to 827,000
  • Burglaries up from 69,000 to 77,000
  • Thefts up from 305,000 to 330,000
  • Murder up from 101 to 153
  • Common assault from 65,000 to 71,000
  • Total violence up from 237,000 to 250,000
  • Robbery up from 24,000 to 32,000
  • Offensive weapons up from 5,500 to 6,900


(Met Police end of year data: 2016/17 – 2017/18)

They added: “Sadiq has invested record amounts in the Met, including funding the Violent Crime Taskforce of nearly 300 officers dedicated to tackling violence.

“He is also tackling the underlying causes of crime – by setting up the new Violence Reduction Unit and £45 million Young Londoners Fund.

“The Mayor’s cultural programmes form a crucial part of this work – creating constructive activities for young Londoners away from crime, and providing access to training and jobs for disadvantaged young Londoners in the creative industries, which generate £52 billion a year for our city.”

Sadiq Khan blames parents for letting kids carry knives in latest bid to dodge responsibility for crime crisis

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