Ryanair flights are well known to be no-frills and their low price fares are often why customers flock to the Irish airline for their holidays. As with any airline, not all passengers are always happy with their flight. One such flier took to Twitter to share his disappointing experience.

Molina, from Puerto Rico, claims he paid extra for his seat and is now asking for a refund after being confronted with no window.

He captioned the photo on Twitter: “The window seat I paid for, for my

@Ryanair flight to Dublin Refund??? #travelfails.”

The aggrieved plane passenger explained he’d shelled out for the seat in order to feel “more comfortable” on the “cramped” flight.

Ryanair passengers have to pay if they want to select their own seat.


However, while there is a map of seating, the plan does not identify where the windowless window seats actually are.

Molina told Dublin Live: “It’s super annoying because the whole point of paying extra is to get those little upgrades.”

“You know, you pay more to be more comfortable, or at least as comfortable as it can be on a cramped plane.”

What’s more, Molina said he had to pay extra for his return journey because he had been booked into the same seat going back

These are extra legroom seats, front seats or a selection of any standard seats.

Extra legroom seats cost from £15, front seats from £13.01 and standard seats from £4.00.

Reserved seat fees are non-refundable except under certain conditions. 



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