Ruth Langsford hit out at 'stupid' Eamonn Holmes 'divorce' rumours two years before split

Back in 2022, Ruth Langsford admitted she would never have “bothered” to defend herself against “stupid people” circulating rumours online about her divorcing Eamonn Holmes.

However, just two years later, the former couple have announced that they are separating after 14 years of marriage, and are currently in the process of a divorce.

The TV presenter has spoken candidly about her feelings towards speculation about her marriage to Eamonn during a recently unearthed episode of the Be Honest with Jojo & Bruce podcast.

Ruth said at the time: “I think these days, particularly when you do live shows, that they have teams of people at newspapers and magazines and things; their job is to sit online, watching live shows, and whatever we say is, you know, reported, but it’s always with that kind of headline, you know, ‘Ruth discusses divorcing Eamonn’.

“And I’ll say… it’ll have been something funny I’ve said like, ‘oh, if he ever wears Crocs again, I’ll divorce him’, but they make it something. So I kind of stop looking at it now because I think people start commenting on a story that they haven’t even seen.”

Ruth said she often asked herself: “Why am I trying to even defend myself against these stupid people? So I don’t bother.”

It was recently claimed in reports that the former TV power couple may have been living apart for up to two years before they made a public announcement about their separation. However, this has not been confirmed by Ruth or Eamonn.

A joint statement from their reps read: “Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have confirmed their marriage is over, and they are in the process of divorcing.”

The pair have a £3.2million property in Weybridge, Surrey, but Eamonn, who has three other children from his first marriage to Gabrielle Holmes, is thought to have moved out.

However, sources have indicated that they are “determined to stay friends and keep things amicable” in a bid to protect their son, Jack, 22.

The Loose Women star also previously revealed she felt like her heart “had been ripped out” when Jack left home for university.

Ruth told Hello! magazine in December last year: “I would say that first week of not having him at home literally felt like part of my heart had been ripped out. I kept his bedroom door shut. I remember coming home and going into his bedroom and crying.”

Back in 2020, during an appearance on the Events That Made Me podcast, the 64-year-old opened up about how she and Eamonn first met through the TV industry, but they both had “a rocky start” to begin with.

Ruth said: “We have a healthy respect with what we do. I do smile sometimes because I think there were people, a lot in regional TV, who thought I got onto TV when I started seeing Eamonn, and that’s why I’m here.”

Rumours about the split started circulating earlier this year after fans spotted that the pair hadn’t been seen together in a number of weeks. This followed reports that the couple had separate rooms in their family home for when they wished to spend time alone.


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