Russell Grant's predictions for today – one star sign gets a blast from the past

One star sign must rectify a mistake they didn’t make while it’s time for another to start planning a holiday, however others should be aware of being put in an awkward position

Russell Grant takes a look at what today could bring for your horoscope – and what you can do to be prepared.


A surprise will come when you least expect it. Someone from the past will be in touch with you.

There will be a reason for this unexpected communication but it will take a while before they come out with it. Until then be patient and be wary.


You have some big plans for the months ahead. You are certain you can do this because you’ve put so much thought into it but someone who is close to you isn’t as confident.

You don’t have to persuade them to see it from your side. Your future success will speak for itself.


A mistake has been made. You have been accused of something you didn’t do. A gift, text message or email will give you the impression someone is trying to make amends after this misunderstanding.

After thinking about it you might feel the time is right to resolve your differences.

It might be time to resolve your differences, Gemini


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Something you are told in confidence will put you in an awkward position. The fact that someone has confided in you shows how much they trust you and you will respect this.

Even so, you are having trouble coming to terms with their confession.


Words are easy. Are you putting too much faith in the promises that other people are making?

Taking a friend or neighbour’s words at face value could lead to a disappointment. You might later realise they never had any intention of fulfilling this obligation.


It’s a great time to start planning a holiday but not such a good time to travel. If you’re thinking of making a journey, don’t be in a rush to set out.

Traffic delays, long waits at airports and technical difficulties will make it more of a frustration than a pleasure.

Is it time for you to plan a holiday?


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You want to please people but that does not mean going along with and agreeing to everything they say. Are you becoming too dependent on someone that you won’t make a move without their consent or approval?

For your sake and theirs, make a decision today completely independent of them.


You’ve always been intuitive and this is one of the reasons why you have held back from some relationships. Only now you’re struggling to understand some people.

The fastest way to identify with their behaviour is to tune into the feelings of those around you.


You don’t want to listen to people who see problem after problem. You’re tired of mixing with pessimists.

If anyone disagrees with your plans, that’s their prerogative but you aren’t going to let them prevent you from doing what you want to do because that’s your choice, not theirs.

You’re tired of mixing with pessimists


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You had expected a partner to be more supportive after sharing your dreams and goals. They may not realise who much their support means to you.

If there is something you really want to do, you don’t need to look to anyone to show you the way. You can do this on your own.


There’s a strong desire to make yourself useful within your community. You might do this by volunteering to help a local charity or fund-raising effort.

Working with young people in a volunteer capacity will also bring you a great deal of happiness and personal satisfaction.


It is going to be frustrating trying to talk to someone who is confused and anxious. Only when they calm down will you get any sense out of them.

Be patient and your sensitivity will be rewarded. Responsibilities are heavy but this should not stop you from enjoying life too.

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