Russell Grant's horoscopes today – Wednesday January 26 star sign forecast

One star sign is being warned to sort something out that’s bothering them before it becomes too much of a problem, meanwhile another will get the green light to start a project they have wanted to for some time

Russell Grant takes a look at what today could bring for your horoscope – and what you can do to be prepared.


Don’t be in a rush to see results but it is worth advancing your ideas. Let people see you are serious by showing a determined attitude. In some areas be ready to take the initiative.

The first few hours of the day are hectic. Later on, events will bring a professional matter to a head.


You have been preparing for this moment for some time. Change is happening around you and there is excitement about the promises new opportunities seem to offer.

Doors are opening and you will step through without hesitation. A housemate will offer some kind advice.


Some people will be surprised by all your energy when recently you showed little interest in a shared activity. Something has sparked your enthusiasm.

It will feel good to be doing something you really want to do but take care not to step on anyone’s toes.


You shouldn’t be reluctant to try your hand at new skills should the opportunity arise. No matter what your age or status, you are never too old to learn.

A strong need for communication will prompt you to discuss your feelings with others and yet all this will result in is confusion.


Don’t worry that you might be stepping into someone else’s shoes when you’re asked to carry out a special request.

If someone has not been fulfilling their obligations they only have themselves to blame when they are asked to step down. You have been chosen for this job for a reason.

Don’t worry about stepping on someone else’s toes


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A joint project is causing you nothing but frustration. You’re trying hard to inspire other people to be active and interested but they are reluctant to put in any effort.

This is something you might decide you would rather do on your own.


If there is anything bothering you, spend some time sorting it out before it gets to be too much of a problem. Remember: a stitch in time saves nine.

Housemates or workmates will be discussing the pros and cons of purchasing new equipment. You might prefer not to get involved.


Reading between the lines you might sense there is more in a casual communication than is first obvious. Ask for a second opinion.

You don’t have to give answers to all questions a workmate, neighbour or fellow student puts to you especially if they are trying to get personal details out of you.


A private get together will see long-term decisions agreed on behind closed doors. You will take any steps that are necessary to set a trivial misunderstanding to rights.

Your ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes helps you get to the heart of a relationship problem.


You will hardly believe it when you get the green light to start on a project that has been postponed more than once in the past.

Events you could never have foreseen will turn your world upside down with surprisingly positive consequences. Your priority now is to reach a self-set target.


Tension in a close relationship will take you by surprise when you and your other half, have been getting on so well lately.

Instinctively you will know to steer clear of touchy topics and if only to keep the peace, continue with evening plans you had been thinking of pulling out of.


Plans arranged may be changed, postponed or cancelled with no explanation. You wonder if it is something you have done but by the end of the day the true reason will be revealed.

Be patient with someone who asks for more time for themselves to pursue a personal desire.

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