Russell Grant's horoscopes today – Friday January 21 star sign forecast

One star sign should take an offer made to them very seriously, while another should be wary of splashing out on something they can’t really afford and one horoscope should be careful of how they deal with other people’s problems

Russell Grant takes a look at what today could bring for your horoscope – and what you can do to be prepared.


You want other people to be honest with you but they find this difficult when they feel nervous in your company. You may not realise how timid someone is feeling.

It’s no use asking people to relax with you if you aren’t putting them at their ease. Do you need to work on softening your image?


There is someone who is trying to make things better for people behind the scenes. Not everyone is aware of this and they aren’t likely to draw attention to themselves.

You will be hearing from someone soon and the offer they make you should be taken very seriously.


Before accepting an invitation to a party or get together, check with a friend who is also going on how much this is likely to cost you.

It could be that tickets are involved and these could cost more than you would normally be prepared to pay for such an occasion.


Life is full of ups and downs and it will be frustrating when it feels like you are watching everyone else make progress while you are standing still. You can make something of your life.

Have faith in yourself and in your talents. Find the confidence to put yourself forward rather than always observing from behind the scenes.


Splashing out on more than you can afford on something you don’t really need and will probably never use, will be later regretted.

A tempting offer could cause you to make a foolhardy mistake. Leave credit cards at home if you’re heading for the town. You will thank yourself later for being so prudent.

Leave your credit cards at home


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Lately you’ve been mixing with extravagant friends who seem to have more money than sense. You are becoming more aware of the need to be strict about the way you handle your own finances.

It is time to seek out friends who have less expensive tastes. Steer clear of spendthrifts.


Recently you’ve done a lot to make a difference in other people’s lives. Helping others will give you the confidence to do the same for yourself.

All problems and difficulties have solutions. All challenges can be overcome. You will find the faith you need now to get back on the right track.


You’re in the process of organising new routines to suit changing circumstances. It won’t be easy to please everyone.

An older relative is being especially awkward and you are inclined to politely tell them where to put their objections. Let diplomacy be your watchword.


Leave important decisions for another day. You just don’t want to tie yourself to anything at the moment. If you are able to put your imagination into the job in hand you will flourish.

If someone tries to interfere or to tell you what you should be doing and how you should do it, you will get irritable.

If someone tells you what to do, you’ll be irritated


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After overcoming many hurdles a work project is almost finished. Things are starting to run more smoothly.

This gives you more time to put into other affairs and there is a lot of catching up you have to do. You also need to get in touch with a friend who is waiting to hear from you.


Someone you work with will become more involved in your personal interests or on the reverse side of this coin, a career opportunity will come through social contacts you make at this time.

Either way, you will find this a most potential packed and prosperous time when professional and personal interests flourish.


Slow down and work at a more sensible pace. It’s as if everything you do these days, whether it is work, socialising, spending or having fun, you seem to do in excess.

Avoid impulsive moves. Today use caution and discipline. This evening, use sensitivity.

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