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‘Ruined it!’ Jack Grealish fans heartbroken as he dramatically shaves off iconic long hair

Football ace Jack Grealish, 26, has caused upset amongst his fans after he revealed a drastic hair transformation after stepping into the barber’s chair this week.

The Manchester City player shared a snap of himself visiting A Star Barbers, whose clients include John Terry and Eden Hazard.

In a clip posted to the barber’s official Instagram, a hairdresser took a pair of clippers to Jack’s famous locks, which have become synonymous with the football star.

Following the trim, heartthrob Jack appears to be sporting a much shorter length on top and a very short back and sides.

This seemingly means Jack will ditch his famous headband when he returns to the pitch after the winter break.

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Many fans have been left distraught by Jack’s transformation and took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Viggo exclaimed: “No, they ruined it!”

Lyla added: “Where has his hair gone”, with a crying emoji.

And Enes joked: “Phil Foden should be arrested for telling people he knows a good barber.”

Sergio said: “Moment of silence for the headband.”

Martyn added: “Looking sharp.”

And an unnamed user wrote: “Now he looks clean and dignified.”

Jack returned to training with Manchester City earlier this week after enjoying a break in Dubai.

The football ace gained attention during the Euro 2020 games last summer where many fans were drawn to his long hair, which he often kept out of his eyes while on the pitch thanks to a trusty headband.

He shared some of the secrets of his hair-care routine last July, explaining he ultimately uses three different products – including Moroccanoil, shampoo and conditioner.

Speaking on a podcast, he said his hair-care routine consists of “a little shampoo and conditioner”, to which he leaves the conditioner on for a “few minutes”.

Whilst his hair is a “little bit wet” he’ll put some of the Moroccanoil in and dry it, before styling it with a hairbrush, wax and hairspray, as reported by The Mirror.


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