Rose's Short Star Wars 9 Screen Time Has #RoseTicoDeservedBetter Trending on Twitter

There has been much discussion over the last week regarding The Rise of Skywalker. That discussion will surely rage on for months, if not years, but talk at this moment has turned to Rose Tico. The character, played by Kelly Marie Tran, who was introduced in The Last Jedi, returned for the finale of the Skywalker saga. However, Rose was given very little screen time in this installment and that is not sitting very well with quite a few fans.

According to a new report, all told, Rose Tico has just one minute and 16 seconds of screen time in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Just 76 seconds in a movie that clocks in at 2 hours and 22 minutes. Considering that Rose became a major player in the Resistance in The Last Jedi, that paltry amount of time dedicated to her in Episode IX has helped lead #RoseTicoDeservedBetter to trend on Twitter.

The majority of the tweets express anger or frustration with Lucasfilm and director J.J. Abrams. For many, Rose Tico represents the central themes in Star Wars, not to mention that she was a beacon of representation for Asians in the series. Several have even started campaigning to give Rose her own Disney+ show, including author Chuck Wendig, who has written several novels within the franchise. Emmy-winning artist Rob Cabrera, for example, took to Twitter to pitch his idea for the character’s Disney+ show, which reads as follows.

“Rose Tico (Disney+ Series 2021): After leaving an ungrateful Resistance behind, Rose Tico sets out on a personal journey to liberate every slave in the galaxy with sass, blasters & space horses.”

Many of the comments sections in the #RoseTicoDeservedBetter tweets were littered with debate, much of it ugly, as others jumped in expressing their distaste for the character. Ahead of the movie’s release, many questioned the absence of Rose from much of the merchandise. Lucasfilm appeared to be distancing itself from her. While the studio almost certainly wouldn’t put it as such, that 76 second figure would beg to differ. Several Twitter users pointed out that J.J. Abrams had thanked Rian Johnson for creating the character of Rose Tico, only to drastically reduce her on-screen presence in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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As has been the case for the past couple of years, the Disney era of the franchise is plagued with unending debate, disagreements and ugliness. There are no easy answers. There is no clear path forward. But what’s done is done. Will we see more of Rose in the future? It will certainly be interesting to see if Lucasfilm continues to put some distance there, or if they woo Kelly Marie Tran back for an appearance elsewhere, perhaps in a Disney+ show. This news was previously reported by Slate.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb

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