Roddy Ricch Finally Breaks Down His Love of Forgiatos

Roddy Ricch loves Forgiatos. On his hit 2018 song “Every Season,” Roddy makes sure to let listeners know that he just “put the new Forgiatos on the Jeep.” The same year on “Down Below,” he reiterates that he “always dreamed about the Forgiato feet, now they down below.” Then almost a year later, on Mustard’s “Ballin’,” he built an entire chorus around putting “the new Forgis on the Jeep” in case anyone forgot about his adoration for the custom wheels. The dedication to his one-sided love affair resulted in a Grammy nomination for the Mustard collaboration.

Now a person without the surname “Ricch” might wonder a variety of questions — Why is Roddy Ricch obsessed with custom rims? How much does a Forgiato cost? If Roddy Ricch makes a reference to Forgiatos in the woods and nobody is around to see it, does it make a sound? The California rapper answered most of these questions in the latest episode of Rolling Stone’s The First Time.

“I actually was trying to buy them for my Hellcat, but I wrecked it as soon as I was going to go get ’em,” Roddy says. “I was on the freeway. I had just got it out of the shop. I was going to my mama house to go give her something and I was texting. I looked down and I wrecked my shit.”

“I really want to get these VLONE Forgiatos and put them on like a Rolls Royce or something. They’re like $25,000.”


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