Rod Stewart shares embarrassment over inability to cook for wife Penny Lancaster

Music legend Rod Stewart revealed that despite being a master on the guitar, he hasn’t quite mastered any culinary skills yet.

The 76-year-old rocker is one of the best selling music artists of all time but said his cooking skills are pushed to the limit when making “a boiled egg”, admitting he never cooks for wife Penny Lancaster.

The couple are lucky enough to have their own chef most of the time, to save Penny from Rod’s attempts in the kitchen.

The rockstar’s wife, Penny took part in Channel 4 ‘s ‘Famous and Fighting Crime’ in 2019 where viewers saw celebrities shadowing official police officers on patrol.

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster attend the Pride Of Britain Awards 2021.
Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster attend the Pride Of Britain Awards 2021.

Since then, the English model has pursued her career as a policewoman and now works alongside the force as a special constable.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Rod Stewart revealed how the Loose Women panellist is not the chef of the Stewart household even after her appearance on the TV cooking show.

Most of the time, the couple have the luxury of a household chef to cook their meals on a daily basis.

Sir Rod claimed: “He’s a Scot from Troon – but he obviously doesn’t work seven days a week, and when he’s off, she [Penny] takes over.”

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster attend the Sun's Who Cares Wins Awards 2021
Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster attend the Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards 2021

But since Celebrity Masterchef, the police constable has “gotten good” in the kitchen after she made “a piece of toast” for him that morning, the singer added.

The former Faces member was asked if he could whip a meal up for his family if “push came to shove”.

To which he replied: “I can’t cook, mate.”

The solo artist expressed he felt “embarrassed” by his incapability to show off in the kitchen but stated he was “not ashamed”.

Sir Rod has been writing songs since the 1960s but the hit-maker can just about boil an egg

Quickly backing up his statement with: “It might be a bit hard.”

Rod may not have mastered the perfect runny yolk but the star did talk about a project which he continued to work on during lockdown.

It is no secret Sir Rod has been constructing a model railway for quite some time.

During the interview, he talked about what has been added to the railway.

“I’m building skyscrapers, and some of them are about 5ft 6in,” he said.

Each part of the set came “in two massive containers” all the way from the United States.

Sir Rod continued: “it took months to get it through the Panama Canal.”

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