Roblox partners with Star Wars for Winter Creator Challenge 2019

A tie-in from a galaxy far, far away (pic: Roblox Corp.)

Star Wars X Roblox is the latest crossover between a big-name game and the world’s favourite sci-fi saga, with tons of unique in-game items.

First it was Fortnite and its exclusive Stormtrooper skin and now it’s Roblox with its own Star Wars promotion for new film The Rise of Skywalker.

Technically the Fortnite tie-in was for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, so there may be more Star Wars to come from Epic Games, but the Roblox deal involves their annual Winter Creator Challenge.

This year it will take the form of the Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge and will see kids designing and racing their own spaceships and vehicles.

Winning on the race track will net you a range of limited edition virtual items, including the following:

• BB-8
• Rey’s Staff
• Stormtrooper Helmet
• D-O
• Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Hat
• Kylo Ren’s Reforged Helmet

The challenge is also part of the wider Roblox Education plan to help teach kids how to design their own Roblox game; you can sign up for more information on how to take part here.

Roblox recently made the claim of passing Minecraft and Fortnite as the world’s most played video game, although as a mixture of MMO and game creation tool it blurs the lines on what a video game actually is.

There are over 100 million players worldwide though, which might seem incredible to some gamers who have never even heard of it, but its audience is almost entirely children.

Everything was Star Wars (pic: Roblox Corp.)

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