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Robert Webb: Peep Show actor address backlash after slamming transgender charity Mermaids

An extract of the article for The Times read: “The NHS protocol for children is ‘watchful waiting’ but Mermaids pushes for the US ‘affirmation’ model in which any child who declares that they are trans must be treated as such without examining any possible underlying issues, such as frequently undiagnosed autism, depression or sexual abuse.”

Three years later, Robert has spoken of his tweet supporting the article, which he says “made sense to [him] at the time” of publication.

Speaking on the NPR podcast Bullseye alongside David Mitchell, Robert said: “I can’t even really remember what [Turner’s] specific objections were but they made sense to me at the time, and I retweeted it approvingly.”

He went on to tell host Jesse Thorn, who is a father of two non-gender-conforming children, with one identifying as transgender: “There was this feeling that if you criticise a charity and the way it operates or its methodology, that is the same as criticising the client base.


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