'Rishi Sunak must come up with ambitious rescue package'

Few economic statements have been as important as Rishi Sunak’s one tomorrow.

The country stands on the brink of a devastating recession that would bring with it unemployment, poverty and despair.

If we are to avoid that fate, the Chancellor must come up with an ambitious rescue package that works for the whole country.

The promise of support to help young people find work is a welcome step. So too is the extra investment in the green economy.

But there is an urgent need for action for those who stand to lose their jobs as the furlough scheme is wound down.

Many of these jobs could be saved if the Chancellor kept the Job Retention Scheme for the sectors worst affected by Covid-19, such as aviation, retail and hospitality.

He should also use this opportunity to raise wages for our heroic key workers.

An ambitious rescue package is needed to avert disaster

And there must be more to help our high streets as they emerge from the lockdown.

The Government was too slow to respond to the medical crisis. It must not make the same mistake with the economic emergency.

If Mr Sunak fails to rise to the challenge, the price will be another generation blighted by unemployment and deprivation.

Ban fur cruelty

There are few industries as cruel as the fur trade

There are not many industries more abhorrent than the fur trade.

Fur farming has been banned in the UK since 2003 but almost £75million worth of pelts are still imported each year.

Now we have left the EU, the Government can easily ban these imports.

Our demand for action has the support of animal rights campaigners, opposition parties and celebrities.

There is no place for fur in British shops.

A dippy idea

A new range of McVities biscuits

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McVities has created a range of biscuits that are too posh to dunk.

People should dip them in their cuppas anyway – because that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.


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