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Ricky Gervais’ partner Jane makes hilarious dig following After Life season 3 premiere

Ricky Gervais’ much-loved comedy, After Life, returned to Netflix for its third and final season on Friday. Following a great deal of excitement from fans, Ricky’s partner of almost 40 years, Jane Fallon, has taken the opportunity to make a cheeky dig at her other half.

Via Twitter, Jane shared a photograph of this week’s Radio Times cover featuring Ricky and the dog who plays Brandy.

To Jane’s amusement, the placement of the magazine on the rack concealed the majority of Ricky’s face, leaving just his forehead in view as the dog stood proud behind him.

The author couldn’t miss the opportunity to poke fun at Ricky and captioned the post: “WH Smith know who the real star of the show is.”

The tweet had Jane’s 114,000 followers in hysterics and received dozens of comments from After Life fans.

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“It’s lovely to be with those people again, actors were coming in on their day off just to hang out.

“It’s a lovely atmosphere, it’s a joy filming because all the hard work has been done… And even though it’s bittersweet that it’s the end, it’s a triumph because you put all your eggs in one basket.

“You can burn all your bridges, you can do everything you want to do and not worry about how am I gonna pick that up in season four or whatever.”

However, he did admit that he could be persuaded to make a fourth series if the price was right.

The Tony Johnson actor said: “I mean, Netflix could offer me a castle and an animal sanctuary on an island.

“But at this moment in time, no, this is it and I think you’ve got to keep to it.

“And yes, it makes no sense to end it now at the top of its game. But I think artistically, it’s right and I don’t think we could end it better than we did.” 


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