Rick Ross Has The Best Time Just Standing Still In The Video For ‘Fascinated’

Rick Ross has released a new, relaxing video for “Fascinated” that, depending on who you ask, could either excite you or leave you wondering if there’s a double meaning to it. In it, Ross gets fitted for a suit while he blows smoke. That’s the punchline. And that’s all that happens because, in a life of luxury, sometimes the smallest details are the selling point.

What are your suit measurements? Rick Ross probably knows his. He has a personal tailor who handles his measurements for him. In “Fascinated,” he just stands still while smoking, getting measured for what will undoubtedly be an expensive suit. He’s moving just a bit so it probably makes it hard for the tailor to really measure, evident in her repeated attempts to measure his back without him moving. While he’s doing this, snapshots of some cool moments flash across the screen, and it ends with Rick Ross in a giant mink coat. Yeah, it’s not a story, but it’s cool. With Rick Ross, the cool is the story.

“Fascinated” appears on Rick Ross’s recently released album, Port Of Miami 2, that came out earlier this month. The LP also features the previously released singles “Big Tyme” with Swizz Beatz and “Gold Roses” with Drake.

Watch Rick Ross get fitted for a suit up above.


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