Reza Farahan's Sex Advice to a Virgin Will Make You LOL!

“Here’s what I would say. Do not tell these men,” Reza advises. “Afterwards you let them know, ‘Listen, homie, you just hit the jackpot, yo! You deflowered your girl!’ Have some confetti.”

Joking aside, Reza adds, “There’s no easy way to let someone know that they are going to be the one and not make them feel some sort of way.” However, Yael does seriously consider Reza’s confetti idea for when the day comes.

“You know what? I may just have a compartment of balloons installed at the top of my ceiling so when the day does happen I’ll just hit it and balloons will come down and it will be a big ‘ole celebration,” she replies.

“Hell yes!” Reza says. “How cute would that be?”

Check out Reza’s hilarious sex advice above!


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