Retro Gaming Classics That Have Stood the Test of Time

Retro Gaming Classics That Have Stood the Test of Time
Ancient games like chess and poker have a proven track record of being impervious to shifts in entertainment trends

Of all the things that people get sentimental about, games are some of the most dearly remembered. Truly avid players never forget the first moment they started that special game, or set a reel spinning on their phone, only to replay the same experience over and over again.

In this article, we take a look at those games, and gaming genres, which despite being long in the tooth, have continued to flourish thanks to being infinitely playable and charming to boot.

Here are the retro gaming classics that have stood the test of time and look set to continue to dominate the gaming landscape for years to come.

Pre-Digital Games Lose None of Their Appeal

The true sign of any game’s greatness is its longevity, especially when it appears that new technologies or consumer trends are about to wipe it from the face of the Earth.

That was certainly the supposed fate of games like chess, slots, and backgammon. Naysayers envisioned such classics as being resigned to the history books, as more modern video games took centre stage.

However, thanks to some innovative online gaming companies, those naysayers have been proved wrong, with many old board games, slot games, and card games making an almost seamless transition to the online sphere.

This means that phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops are constantly abuzz with people enjoying multiple variations of chess or classics like Monopoly. There are also apps and mobile sites that provide a huge choice of vintage and brand-new slots, along with other classic games, many of which hark back to America’s Wild West, or even ancient Chinese dynasties.

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Games with as much staying power as these, promise to still be entertaining for a good while. Their combination of simple mechanics and complex strategic play makes them as close to perfect as a game can be.

Retro franchises like Nintendo’s Mario have captured the imaginations of a few generations

Retro Platformers and Puzzlers Endure

While it is hard to ever beat the staying power of the aforementioned classics, there are those video games that led the way – back when computers were being laughed at as a passing fad – that have since gone on to become cultural icons, and even works of art.

Some of these games are now gigantic franchises, which can put their name on anything and watch it sell like hotcakes.

The most obvious of these are games like Super Mario, Pac-Man, and Tetris, all of which continue to be reimagined by game developers all around the world.

The rampant thirst for gaming nostalgia has even led to special retro consoles being manufactured, coming as they do with their very own matching controllers, and boasting a plethora of in-built retro games that will jog the memory of any avid gamer.

Whodunnits and Role Play Games Stronger Than Ever

Tune in to a streaming platform like Twitch or Facebook Gaming and all you will see is wall-to-wall coverage of battle royale games, with people from all four corners of the globe competing. However, away from all the crashes, bangs, and wallops of such frantic games, there is another genre of online game that is picking up a real head of steam.

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That is the modern take on whodunnit games like Cluedo, as well as role-playing games such as Operation.

The reason that such games were always so popular was that the actions required of players directly tied into a narrative, which played out as the game worked its way towards a conclusion. Eventually, the guilty party would be uncovered, or the patient would be saved by a steady hand or suffer at the hands of a part-time doctor with the shakes.

In the online realm, these games have taken on the form of titles like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – which resembles a cross between a board game and an escape room – and the upcoming Job Simulator, which allows players to try any real-world job they like, such as being a surgeon or even a top chef.

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