Resident Evil Village Villain Characters: Who is the Boss?

Are they the primary villains, though? Well, they certainly seem capable and present themselves with an air of authority that leaves no doubt regarding who is in charge of their territory. I could easily imagine them serving as the primary gameplay antagonists as they chase you through the castle that seemingly plays a big part in the upcoming sequel.

However, that same phone call that sees Lady Dimitrescu name drop Heisenberg also includes a brief mention of another character named Mother Miranda that seem to be above her on the pecking order.

Mother Miranda/The Witch

The Witch Resident Evil Village

So who is Mother Miranda? In what’s quickly becoming a tradition as it concerns these Resident Evil Village villains, the honest answer to that question is “We don’t know.”

However, she certainly appears to be above Lady Dimitrescu in the villain hierarchy who, in turn, is equal to or above Heisenberg. Their position and name would tend to suggest that they’re a figure of worship, but the fact that Dimitrescu appears to be talking to them on a phone would seemingly rule out the possibility that they’re a purely mythical figure.

Could it be possible that Mother Miranda is the witch that we’ve briefly seen in previous previews? We’ve spoken about our high hopes for this character, and a witch-like figure at the center of it all could certainly help explain some of what is happening in the early Village footage. Whatever Mother Miranda is, you can bet that she’s at least near the top of the game’s villainous hierarchy.

Mia Winters

Mia Winters in Resident Evil Village


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