Resident Evil Resistance beta delayed but NOT because of the coronavirus

‘My evil plan to inconvenience Resident Evil Resistance players is complete’ (Pic: Capcom)

The Resident Evil Resistance beta went live earlier today but PS4 and PC players quickly found it to be unplayable.

the possibility of physical
copies of the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake being delayed
due to the
coronavirus crisis, at least you can occupy yourself with the beta for Resident
Evil Resistance, the online multiplayer mode that will come bundled with
Resident Evil 3.

Except not, because Capcom has had to pull the beta from both the PlayStation 4 and PC. It went live earlier today but many PS4 and PC users reported that they were unable to join any matches, making it unplayable.

working to resolve the issue as soon as we can and will keep you updated,’ read
an official statement on the Resident Evil Twitter account. Considering the
game is due out in only a week’s time, hopefully it won’t take Capcom too long
to figure out what the problem is and fix it.

The beta was also made available on the Xbox One, but that version seems to be working fine, so Capcom has left it be.

Resident Evil Resistance sees four players take the role of a group of survivors trying to escape from an Umbrella test facility, where a fifth player is in control of all the various traps and monsters.

Some of the ‘Mastermind’ characters will even be antagonists from previous entries in the series, such as Annette Birkin from Resident Evil 2 and Alex Wesker from Resident Evil Revelations 2, and the newest trailer has revealed that Resident Evil 3 hero Jill Valentine will also be a playable survivor.

Resident Evil Resistance will release as part of Resident Evil 3 on 3 April for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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