Resident Evil 8 rumours claim first person, zombies, werewolves, and Ethan Winters

Resident Evil 7 – Chris and Ethan sound like they’ll be back (pic: Capcom)

The first info on Resident Evil 8 has reportedly leaked out, claiming it will star Chris Redfield and the same lead as Resident Evil 7.

After the Resident Evil 3 remake in April it’s not clear what’s going on with the Resident Evil franchise, as officially we’ve never heard anything about Resident Evil 8 and recent rumours suggest there won’t be any more remakes after this year.

However, two separate sources seem to agree on the early details of Resident Evil 8, with fan site Biohazard Declassified claiming that Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7 will be the main playable character again and that the game will still be first person.

Apparently, Resident Evil 8 will start in a village leading up to a castle and the environment will be ‘rural, snowy, and mountainous; possibly Europe.’ All of which sounds more like a Resident Evil 4 remake than anything else.

Regular zombies will be enemies in the game, instead of just the Molded from Resident Evil 7, but there’ll also be ‘wolf-like creatures’ and a ‘a persistent shadowy ‘female’ enemy that will follow you but will dissipate if shot.’

Chris Redfield is also said to be the in game ‘in some capacity’ but it won’t be called Resident Evil 8, but instead it’ll have a ‘clever title’. It’s also mentioned that the game was tested last year, which is allegedly where this information is coming from.

The provenance of the leaker is not great, but what gives the rumour a boost is that trusted insider Nibel agrees that the information tallies with what they’ve heard.

Specifically, Nibel confirms that Ethan, the first person view, the zombies, werewolves, and stalker type enemies, and the return of Chris Redfield are all inline with what they’ve heard.

What neither source mentions though is when Resident Evil 8 will be out, with an earlier rumour suggesting that it won’t be next year – even though a spin-off of some kind is expected in 2021.

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