Resident Evil 3 Remake REVEALED: First trailer debuts during PS4 State of Play

Leaker @New_WabiSabi, who correctly leaked tonnes of E3 2019 announcements, said the Resident Evil 3 Remake will get announced during State of Play.

Sabi posted on Twitter: “In case anybody is STILL doubting it, yes, RE3 is planned to be a major reveal of the upcoming State of Play.”

Ahead of the anticipated Resident Evil 3 Remake it’s been revealed that the game’s release date could have been leaked by a UK retailer.

As reported on in a post by the Biohazard Declassified website, online store were taking pre-orders for the Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Base listed the Resident Evil 3 Remake as coming to both the PS4 and Xbox One next year.

And, surprisingly, they gave a March 31 2020 release date for the Resident Evil 3 Remake.


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