GOTY 2019

(Image credit: Future)

Accompanying our team-selected Game of the Year Awards for 2019, individual members of the PC Gamer team will each discuss one of their favorite games from the last 12 months. We’ll post a new personal pick, alongside our main awards, throughout the month of December.

 Remnant: From the Ashes was one of the quiet successes of the year. The co-op, Souls-like shooter sold a million across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation in about two months, and Gunfire Games is working on some nebulous new stuff for 2020. I liked the approach Gunfire took to making a ‘generated’ game: Remnant’s straightforward character progression; its handmade but randomly-assembled level layouts; its dumb laser shotgun.

I wouldn’t call Remnant a roguelike, partly because it isn’t randomized in the way that Enter the Gungeon, Spelunky, or other games in that genre are. When you start a campaign, Remnant generates a unique seed for your save file that locks your whole playthrough to a personal set of secrets, bosses, and items, drawn from a small library of those things. In my game, when I reached The Tempest Court area, I always had to fight Totem Father, a towering shaman who guards an arena of stone pillars. But my friend in Discord had never seen that boss: they’d always fought The Ravager in its place, a giant wolf. 



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