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RC3 – The online C3 hacker conference –

It has already been and gone. A few things have not quite been uploaded when I last checked but should be getting there.

Game hacking wise then mostly going to be the Game and Watch thing linked in the first posts.

Other than that
” Nazis in Games by Manuel (EEL) Manhard”

Not really my thing (much worrying about nothing from where I sit), though might make an amusing counterpoint to that extra credits thing a while back.

There is a German talk called This is Not a Game that appears to be covering qanon as though it was an alternate reality game.

As ever though then plenty of other things that might be of interest or I can tie directly to things that hackers have done to liven up game systems for homebrew purposes or other game things we generally find cool around here. These sorts of talks are either an introduction such that you can do something useful with it at the end, or a state of the art and here is how to play in it which is also handy.

Fuzzing the iphone
The methods there likely will apply to most new consoles you encounter in the future, or if you prefer there is also a reason many big names from console hacking also have something of a notoriety in phones.

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Attacking CPUs with Power Side Channels from Software
Most modern game consoles are pretty good on the encryption implementation front, guess what methods in turn get used to bypass security? Oh look it is side channel attacks (if you have seen people try to read crypto by means of super accurate power consumption, or dropping power at just the right time to stop it going into a protected state then you have seen this).

I could not resist
We do find ourselves needing small circuit runs all the time to do various things, adapters and whatnot. This covers how you might do that (the photoresist part anyway).

Accessible input
While nominally about how you might do input for variously disabled people then it is also what you would want to do for game automation, those fun controllers where you split things up into multiple controllers, remap controllers in hardware, add macros/turbo….
That covers FPGAs which are basically chips you can program to do what you want. This means mod chips or emulation of whole chips on old consoles these days exactly (as in all the errors, all the timings…) as they would have been on the originals, or something in between so you can pretend your laser is going into the device but instead a USB drive is hanging off the other end. For years developers have used them to make them, hack devices and whatever else but more recently we have seen them used in mod chips/flash carts/drive emulators as they got cheap enough and sucked an acceptable amount of power down for their computing power granted, and it also seems to be the future of emulation for many (there have been some handheld things even —…f-handheld-systems-games-through-fpga.550282/ ).

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Plus all the stuff that is generally interesting to those that might otherwise spend their time pulling things apart, be inclined to figure out they own information on how the world works or see some things that might trouble their niche in the future.

C3 is also far from the only hacking conference. Defcon and Black hat are two of the bigger US ones
Gives us stuff like

For a lot of older stuff



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