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Rare & unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 fetches Rs 1.1 crore at auction, breaks world record – Times Now

Rare copy of Super Mario Bros 3 fetches Rs 1.1 cr at auction

Rare copy of Super Mario Bros 3 fetches Rs 1.1 cr at auction&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

Seasoned and casual gamers around the world will certainly be aware of this one title, even if he or she hasn’t played the game. Super Mario Bros. is one of the most iconic videogames in history.

It is perhaps the greatest game of all time, at least in terms of worldwide popularity.

Created by Singeru Miyamoto and released in 1985, the game has sold more than 330 million copies worldwide, making it the second-best-selling video game series of all time. Mario Bros. was one of the first six video games to be inducted into the National Museum of Play’s Video Game Hall of Fame.

Needless to say, the game is quite iconic.

Now that we have established the game’s legacy, let us come to the story.

A rare and unopened copy of Super Mario 3 has broken the world for the world’s most expensive game by fetching a whopping $1,56,000 at an auction.

On November 20, Heritage Auctions sold a rare copy of 1990’s Super Mario Bros. 3 for $1,56,000 to break the previous record of $1,14,000.

“We couldn’t be more pleased about breaking the world record for the second time in the same year. That said, it’s no surprise that another Mario game, which so many of us grew up with, would set the new bar,” Valarie McLeckie, Heritage Auctions’ Director of Video Games said in a press statement.

Earlier this year, a vintage and unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. fetched a whopping $1,14,000 (Rs 84 lakhs) at an auction. The unopened set was part of the first batches produced by Nintendo back in the 1980s. The plastic packaging and the cardboard tab underneath indicates its originality and production time.

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The set was sold at an auction held by the Dallas-based Heritage Auctions.


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