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Random Thoughts: Video Games and RBG Replacement – IMAO

All the “there wouldn’t be violence without cops!” people don’t yet deserve to live in a civilized country. Send them someplace else and then they can come back when they’re ready.
I think a lot of drastic things have to be done to change policing in this country, but the “abolish the police” children should not be a part of that discussion. They have nothing useful to add.
Some people are complete sociopaths when police commit violence, justifying it no matter what. Others are complete sociopaths when criminals commit violence so they can justify their “abolish police” nonsense. They’re basically the same sort of person.
We should separate those two groups out and let them have their own pretend discussion (though, again, they’re so much alike they’ll probably end up making out), and then rest of us can work on real solutions.

It’s weird Scientific American has endorsed Biden since Biden was initially anti-science when he first entered the Senate at about the same time science was invented.

I’ll believe the left is pro-science if they come up with examples of issues where they used to vehemently disagree with the right but then switched to agreeing with the right because science told the left they were wrong.
As it is, they just seem like everyone else: Touting scientific data when it tells them what they already believe and coming up with reasons to ignore it otherwise. They certainly ignore math when it’s against them (“Billionaires will pay for everything!”).

A Harry Potter RPG may be enough to convince my wife for us to get a PS5. The only video games I ever saw her play by herself were the Harry Potter games for the Wii.
Well, if they do another stimulus and the check we get is big enough, we’ll get a PS5 and an AR-15 — prepared for whatever comes!

writing the Bill of Rights
“So we got the first two most important rights down — freedom of speech/religion and a right to bear arms. What’s the next big one?”
“Oh. I know. Making sure soldiers can’t be quartered in your home. I bet that’s going to come up A LOT.”

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Trump’s “if you leave out the blue states” was just a dumb way of putting things, but the people pretending they don’t understand the point was a criticism of how Democratic governors and mayors handled things is also dumb.
I don’t know how much blame any one governor or mayor deserves, but that’s what you should be arguing if you’re not just partisan and dumb.

My older son (7) isn’t very big, but he’s now going through two one-gallon jugs of milk a week. I guess I’ll find out if those “But I’m drinking milk!” ads from the 80s are true.

I read that Jennifer Rubin is now against Trump.

Could you imagine if Trump was an enthusiastic supporter of critical race theory? I could hardly imagine a more horrible thing.

I always get She-Hulk confused with Ms. Pac-Man.

What sad news I would have for poor young Frankie playing his NES that one day you would have enough money for all the video games you wanted but by then you would not have the time to play them.

teaching Bible to my kids this morning
ME: “And who is the strong man in the Bible?”
MY SON: “Samsung!”

I’m very strict about keeping my kids away from profanity. Being so young, they should only use amateurfanity.

On no. How do we turn the 2020 knob back down to 11?

Remember when you get bored in Sim City and you just keep hitting the disaster button?

My ideal Supreme Court is done like jury duty, just grabbing a few random people from across the country with basic reading comprehension and them deciding whether or not a law is allowed based on that one six-page document.

I told my daughter what I do for The Babylon Bee, and she said “That sounds mean.” 🙁

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We get it. Absolutely everyone said something hypocritical in regards to appointing a SCOTUS close to a presidential election.

“If the Republicans replace RBG’s seat, we will shut down this country… oh wait. Uh… we’ll set fires and riot and… Oh, already doing that too. Um, we’ll screech really loud… Oh yeah, never stopped that since 2016. We’ll think of something new to do, and you won’t like it!”

The Republicans gained two seats in the Senate in 2018 because everyone just loved Trump’s SCOTUS picks so much. The message from the American people was loud and clear: Appoint more people to SCOTUS!

If we keep shifting control back and forth between Republicans and Democrats a few more times, I’m sure that will fix everything.

Going into the 2018 election, Trump had appointed two Supreme Court Justices. Everyone knew RBG might not live through Trump’s term and that the time to do something about him appointing a replacement was then.
The Republicans added two Senators to their majority.
That said, I feel it always needs repeating that I find the Supreme Court to be really dumb and the least well-thought-out part of our Constitution.

Man, and think if Trump is re-elected. The next oldest Justice is Breyer at 82.

If the Democrats pack the courts when they get power, you know Republicans will do the same when they get power and then after a few administrations there will be like 500 Supreme Court Justices (well, 501 so there are no ties).

One thing I’ve noticed from Super Mario 3D All-Stars, is that only with Mario 64 can you tell at one glance it’s an old game. For someone who lived from Atari to NES to SNES to N64, the last two decades feel stalled graphically.
I mean, you’d never mistake an NES game for an Atari game, or a SNES for an NES game. N64 was almost alien technology compared to the previous.
And I remember when you had to upgrade your computer every two years if you wanted to play the latest computer games. Then they started targeting consoles and you only had to upgrade when Sony decided it was time for next-gen.
Well, there was already a Bee article on this. I just can’t help but geeze-out. Anyone remember boot disks?

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Did RBG’s dying wish come with an apology for Kelo?

We need strong checks and balances. Most of our politicians are arrogant morons, and the only thing keeping our country stable is it’s really hard for those idiots to implement their poorly-thought-out radical change.

Thinking the Democrats are idiots who shouldn’t wield power doesn’t make you a Trump supporter; it just makes you not a rube.

I don’t actually know how to politically rank Attila the Hun. How was he on taxes?

If the Democrats respond with court-packing, I don’t find completely destroying all faith in the Supreme Court as an institution as the worst outcome ever.

It’s quite possible I’m super naive, but I believe Romney is one politician who has some integrity, as rare as that is.

Packing the courts seems as wise for Democrats as Reid ending the filibuster was.

You talk about justice, but where were you when those kids stole me lucky charms?

Modern political commentary be like: “This is just like from the Handmaid’s Tale when Bob Handmaid fought Dumbledore.”

A lot of the far left these days seem honestly confused when they don’t get praised for being hateful.

Wasn’t going to vote for Trump, but I do have to admit the “But… but… SCOTUS!” people had more of a point than I imagined.

I’ve read the Constitution before. How much does Supreme Court Justice pay?


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