Rainbow under-eyes are the out-there makeup trend that social media can't get enough of

Summer’s here which means things are getting a lot more colourful, and we’re here for it. One trend that’s stopped us in our tracks? Rainbow under-eyes. It’s the out-there trend that’s picking up traction on social media for a fun and fabulous alternative to winged liner if you’re bored of doing the same beat day in day out.

Applying eyeshadow on your under-eyes may feel wrong, but it turns out, it looks so so right. It’s been hard to miss the colourful creation posted all over Instagram and TikTok, and we’re just glad the good-vibes trend struck during peak festival season.

Kickstarted by the incredibly talented creator @naezrahlooks, the artist took to Instagram to post a picture of her rainbow under-eyes, perfectly blended in kaleidoscope colours back in April. From pink to blue to yellow to red, the shades pass from her inner corner spreading up past her cheekbone to lift the eyes.

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Ever since then, makeup enthusiasts have been quick to create their own renditions of the unconventional under-eye twist, with tons of new inspo making its way onto our feeds. And with two weeks remaining of Pride month, there’s no better time to put your makeup skills to the test in the ultimate rainbow love celebration.

As for how to recreate the look yourself, Naezrah posted a highly requested, step by step on her Instagram, complete with tips for making the shades stand out.

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