RAF on STANDBY to rush PM to Brussels for BREAKTHROUGH Brexit talks with EU officials

A BAe 146 transport plane at RAF Northolt is ready to rush her to meet EU officials to force movement on negotiations as time is running out, The Sunday Mirror reports. The PM was still receiving updates about when the EU will be ready to talk again until the early hours of Saturday morning. However, fears are growing that the EU will stall again after chief negotiator Michel Barnier made an offer that would split the UK down the Irish Sea.

Mr Barnier said on Friday he offered Britain a unilateral exit from the Irish backstop.

He said the UK Government was offered an opportunity to partially quit the mechanism to avoid a hard border on Ireland.

He offered Britain the chance of a “unilateral exit clause from Single Customs Territory while maintaining the other elements of the backstop”.

The proposal gives Britain the chance to leave the full UK-wide customs union element of the Irish backstop and return to the Northern Ireland-only arrangement.

However, Mrs May said the DUP rejects that proposal because Northern Ireland would stay in the customs union. 

The backstop solution aims to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

It has a been a thorn in the side of negotiators and lawmakers because it could lead to customs checks within the UK – something No 10 is striving to avoid.

Parliament is set to vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal for a second time on Tuesday.

If the deal fails to win support in the Commons again, the Prime Minister has said MPs will vote on Wednesday or Thursday on whether they want to leave the EU without a deal or to ask for an extension of article 50.


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