Rachel Riley warns that some Labour members see Jewish people as ‘the enemy’

COUNTDOWN star Rachel Riley yesterday warned that some Labour members see Jews as “the enemy”.

The maths whizz said Labour has become institutionally anti-Semitic under Jeremy Corbyn.

 Countdown's Rachel Riley has warned that some Labour members see Jewish people as 'the enemy'

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Countdown’s Rachel Riley has warned that some Labour members see Jewish people as ‘the enemy’

The star is Jewish and has suffered a torrent of vile abuse online for speaking out on the racism.

And she was met with a fresh barrage of hate from trolls at the weekend for tweeting her sympathies for the victims of the New Zealand terror attack.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, she said “beyond a shadow of a doubt” Labour is anti-Semitic.

She said: “The key thing for me was when the breakaway MP said this is not our party any more – they’ve got the keys.

Countdown star Rachel Riley talks about fighting against anti-semitism after her recent online abuse on Lorraine


“They’ve taken over the whole structure of the party and the whole disciplinary procedure, people who at best don’t understand anti-Semitism and at worst participate in it are on the disciplinary panel.”

Miss Riley said a Labour member told her of a party meeting where ‘other Labour people say that tribalism can drive the Labour party by giving them an enemy, which at the moment is the Jews’.

She added: “I get abuse daily. This is happening behind closed doors – it is happening to a lot of people. And I think people genuinely don’t understand the scale.

“Because I’m speaking out about this I’m told I’m an Islamophobe – it’s driving hate.”

She spoke out at the launch of a bombshell report by Professor Alan Johnson which found that Labour has become institutionally anti-Semitic.

Prof Johnson, research fellow at the British Israel and Communications Research Centre, found the racism exists “from top to bottom” of Labour.

A Labour spokesman said they “completely reject claims of institutional anti-Semitism”.

 Rachel says the party has become 'institutionally anti-Semetic' under Jeremy Corbyn

PA:Press Association

Rachel says the party has become ‘institutionally anti-Semetic’ under Jeremy Corbyn
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