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Rachel Riley: ‘Let them get on with it!’ Pregnant Countdown star addresses royal family

Rachel Riley, 33, was asked by her co-host Nick Hewer, 75, how she would feel about being a member of the royal family. The pregnant mathematician said the royals are under a lot of scrutiny and did not seem particularly keen on the idea of joining the family before she came to their defence. Nick asked: “Apparently a load of people surveyed asked whether they’d like to be a member of the royal family. “And 44 per cent of them said, ‘Yes I would quite like to be a member of the royal family’.”

The Countdown host continued: “And 50 per cent said, ‘No, they’d prefer to be a commoner. While six per cent weren’t sure. They think I’d quite like to be a member of the royal family but I’m not altogether sure. They were the sort of undecided.”

Nick then asked Rachel: “Could you think of anything more testing than to be a member of that family without a moment to yourself?”

“You couldn’t do anything naughty, you couldn’t do anything untoward. It’d be a nightmare.”

Rachel replied: “They can’t do anything without being scrutinised. You know opening or closing a car door or what they’re wearing.”

She shrugged: “Let them get on with it.”

To which the Channel 4 host, replied: “Exactly.”

She added: “But she’d be welcome if she did because she’s absolutely lovely.”

Nick appeared to agree with the mathematics expert as he replied: “My in-laws, as it were, lived with us and they were the most wonderful people. We loved having them.”

Elsewhere, Rachel is set to be taking part in a new podcast alongside actress Tracy Ann Oberman where they discuss online abuse on social media.

The pregnant star retweeeted a post from the former EastEnders actress, which read: “Can’t wait to record my #Trolled podcast in front of a live audience for the first time! Join me @NickCohen4 and @RachelRileyRR for some group therapy laughs and life lessons as we discuss the past, present and future of social media…abuse.”

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm and Countdown airs weekdays at 2.10pm on the same channel.


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