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Queen's Brian May bids farewell to London after 'physically challenging' time on tour

Brian May, 74, has bid farewell to London after the rock star completed his 10-show tour with Queen and Adam Lambert around the city. He explained it was perhaps the most “physically challenging” tour the band had ever done.

The guitarist said he would now be taking a two-day break before heading out on tour across Europe for a month.

He added it was the first time that Europeans will be seeing the band since the “catastrophe of Brexit.”

Brian wrote in the caption: “Au revoir London !!! This little gem of a post pretty much sums up how I feel right now.

“Suddenly our series of London shows is completed – 10 packed and riotous concert nights – part of probably our most physically challenging yet most emotionally rewarding run around the UK ever.

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Marhb65 said: “First Congratulations to your incredible shows in London, must have been breathtaking for everyone visiting your concerts!

“Second, thank you for your words, it’s so good to see you’re always concerned about what happens outside.

“And third, welcome to the rest of Europe, we are waiting and I’m so excited to see you next week.”

Brian_may_rocks said: “Happy to hear that you won’t let the haters stop you from speaking out about the things that matter to you.


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