Queen Latifah Will Star, Executive Produce Paper Chase

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Queen Latifah Will Star, Executive Produce Paper Chase

According to Deadline, Queen Latifah is set to star and executive produce the upcoming teen comedy Paper Chase.

The film will follow Alicia, a college freshman at a fictional university in Atlanta. When her family struggles to pay her high tuition costs, Alicia takes matters into her own hands. She and her friend Jamilla conspire to throw a huge party to secure the necessary funds to further her education before summer ends and the time comes to pay the piper.

Directing the film will be Angela Tucker, who is best known for her short films Intersection and Just the Three of Us. Tucker also penned the screenplay with Lauren Domino, the co-writer and producer of the aforementioned Intersection.

Latifah and Shakim Compere’s production company Flavor Unit will join forces with Van Toffler of Gunpowder & Sky. The former production company is best known for the Barbershop spin-off film Beauty Shop—which also stars Latifah—and the latter is responsible for the upcoming Elisabeth Moss vehicle Her Smell, directed by Alex Ross Perry.

Latifah can most recently be seen in Girls Trip, the television show Empire and its connected series Star and the television film Flint, which dramatizes the ongoing real-life toxic water scandal in Flint Michigan. Latifah is best known for her work in TaxiChicago and Bringing Down the House. She also gives voice to Ellie the wooly mammoth in the ever-expanding computer-animated Ice Age franchise.

Other casting details, as well as a potential release date for Paper Chase are not yet known. Check back later for more updates about the upcoming film!


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