Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip caught in public argument on Australia royal tour

Queen Elizabeth is the picture of calm composure whenever she makes a public appearance. Big displays of emotion are rarely seen among the royals, particularly the older family members. However, there was a time when Elizabeth let her feelings show in front of press photographers.

During the visit, an Australian film crew witnessed a moment when the Queen was very angry with her husband indeed.

They were outside the royal’s chalet in Victoria when the incident occurred.

The camera team witnessed Prince Philip storm out of the front door.

Moments later the Queen emerged, visibly infuriated and raging as she charged after her spouse.


She was seen shouting at Philip and even hurling a tennis racket and tennis shoes at him.

The monarch proceeded to repeatedly “drag” the Duke back into the chalet and the door slammed shut.

After this, the Queen re-emerged and said: “I’m sorry for that little interlude but, as you know, it happens in every marriage. Now, what would you like me to do?”

Fortunately for the royals, the footage was never to surface.

“The royal party attended the last day of the Centenary Test between Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground,” wrote the author.

Prince Philip has been an ardent lover of cricket throughout his life.

In short, watching the crunch match in Melbourne was exactly what the Duke wanted to do – but officials had other ideas.

“The only tension was when Australian government officials tried to move the Duke of Edinburgh on to his next engagement, just as the match was reaching an enthralling climax,” said Hardman. “The Duke was said to be apoplectic.”

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