So now that we have all of this available to us in the new Spectra 380 ISP, we can open a new image pipe which is not just color.
It is actually color plus computer vision information.
And so now that these things are hardened in hardware, we can do things, now, like Depth Sensing at 60fps.
And that 60 frames per second is unique.
It’s video.
So what that means is that now for the first time ever, we can do 4K HDR video with portrait mode or video bouquet.
[APPLAUSE] So you’ll see some images, you’ll see some videos that I got here running through.
Another interesting thing about this, since we’re doing this in hardware, it doesn’t matter if your camera or your subject is moving, we can still do the depth sensing and get very accurate depth map and boket here, even with moving images, which is quite unique.


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