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Q&A: Justin Thomas talks video games –

Justin Thomas, the 12-time PGA TOUR winner and 2017 FedExCup champ, is the cover boy for the new PGA TOUR 2K21 video game announced Thursday, with pre-orders beginning now for the Aug. 21 initial release. Thomas offered his responses on a variety of video game-related questions:

Q: What are your thoughts about being on the cover of the video game?

JUSTIN THOMAS: “Being chosen to be the first-ever cover athlete for the premiere PGA TOUR 2K game is a tremendous honor. I’m excited to join the 2K family and challenge players everywhere on the digital links. This is a great opportunity to introduce the PGA TOUR experience to a larger and younger audience who love video games. I’m very happy to be a part of that.”

Q: Did you grow up playing any video games?

THOMAS: “I did play some games growing up.  I’m not a big winter sports guy and winters in Kentucky meant I’d spend time indoors and I’d take advantage of that time to play some video games.”

Q: What were the features you enjoyed the most?

THOMAS: “I like sports games that bring the spirit and authenticity of the real sport to life.”

Q: How proficient were you as a video game player as a kid and how competitive were you?

THOMAS: “I was a good video game player as a kid. I’m pretty competitive no matter what game I’m playing so I’m sure I was competitive back then as well.”

Q: Do you still enjoy playing video games?

THOMAS: “Unfortunately, with all the travel we do, it doesn’t allow for much time to play video games. Sports simulators are always fun; games like NBA 2K and of course PGA TOUR 2K21.”

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Q: What’s your current setup at home?

THOMAS: “I play PS4, I’ve had it set up in the living room for a few years. Easy access!”

Q: Have you played any video games the last two months?

THOMAS: “I’ve played a little with some friends, gotten back into it with time at home.”

Q: Have you played video games against fellow golfers?

THOMAS: “I have! I play with Smylie Kaufman a good bit, Bud Cauley as well. I know Bubba [Watson] is a big gamer, but he’s been having a lot of family time lately.”

Q: What was your involvement with the creation and realization of the actual 2K21 game?

THOMAS: “HB Studios used facial scanning technology to scan me into the game, which is really cool. They also made sure to incorporate the authentic gear I use and the sponsored clothing brands I wear, so you’re going to see a very realistic representation of me in PGA TOUR 2K21.”

Q: What are some of the features you most like about the new game?

THOMAS: “As I previously mentioned, the realism is really great, from the officially licensed gear and clothing brands to the 11 other PGA TOUR pros in the game, as well as 15 licensed courses, including TPC Sawgrass. I also think it’s cool that you can get your friends together to play multiplayer game modes like alt-shot, stroke play, skins and 4-player scramble. You can also create your own Online Societies, so you can get your squad together to play online tournaments with your own set of rules.”

Q: Have you spoken to other players about suggestions they may have for video games?  

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THOMAS: “I haven’t but I know we’re all looking forward to the opportunity to be featured in a video game especially one like PGA TOUR 2K21 that has worked so hard to give players an authentic golf experience.”


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