PUBG Mobile will no longer operate in India, following government ban

PUBG Mobile has officially ceased operations in India, after being banned by the country’s government.

PUBG Mobile was one of 118 mostly Chinese apps banned in India in September, with the government citing cybersecurity concerns and an increase of geopolitical tensions between the two neighbouring countries. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology justified the bans by stating that the apps were “engaged in activities which [are] prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state, and public order.”

In a statement, Tencent announced that it will terminate services for the game as of today, October 30th.

“To comply with the interim order of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology dated September 2, 2020, Tencent Games will terminate all service and access for users in India to PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik and PUBG MOBILE Lite (together, “PUBG Mobile”) on October 30, 2020. The rights to publish PUBG MOBILE in India will be returned to the owner of the PUBG intellectual property.

“Protecting user data has always been a top priority and we have always complied with applicable data protection laws and regulations in India. All users’ gameplay information is processed in a transparent manner as disclosed in our privacy policy.

“We deeply regret this outcome, and sincerely thank you for your support and love for PUBG MOBILE in India.”

Prior to its ban, PUBG Mobile had 32 million weekly active users in India.


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