PUBG Mobile Season 6 release news and Tencent update reveal

PUBG Mobile Season 6 is expected to go live in the next 24 hours for all fans on Android and iOS.

As always, there will be some regions that will be lucky enough to get all the content before everyone else.

Tencent usually rolls out significant changes to PUBG Mobile in waves, and it seems the latest season will be no different.

Most players have now received the in-game PUBG update, meaning that Season 6 content will start dropping very soon.

In the UK, fans can expect PUBG Mobile Season 6 to start in the next 24-hours and at the latest before Friday.

This follows Tencent releasing the full patch notes to their in-game update, which provides important answers on the Royale Pass and other items.

Some players are already testing out the G36C rifle, which is available on the Vikendi map and fires 5.56mm rounds.

This can be equipped with stocks and replaces SCAR-L on the snow map, according to Tencent.

Then there is the new Sanhok-exclusive vehicle, the Tukshai three-wheeled bus, which replaces the Jeep, Dacia and Mini Bus.

The Royale Pass for Season 6 is also getting a cyberpunk upgrade, with players get a few new features too.

Players will notice that they can now view RP rankings of the entire region and friends directly from the Royale Pass page.

It has also been announced that Elite Pass Plus purchase includes additional rewards besides instantly gaining 25 ranks, while Weekly challenges now award more points.

Here’s more from Tencent, who confirmed their plans to start Season 6 with the new Anniversary event and a new game update:

“This update includes a range of enhancements to the game’s landscape, weaponry, and vehicles.

“Players can celebrate the one-year anniversary of PUBG MOBILE in the game by holding birthday parties with fireworks on Spawn Island. They can also find randomly-spawned cakes within a match for a special surprise.

“There are also enhancements to the Royale Pass, including the ability to view pass rankings of entire regions and friends, as well as receiving more points for weekly challenges with just a single tap. Subscription plans are also part of the update and will be available in early April.

“Plans include Prime and Prime Plus, which feature Royale Pass points, steep crate discounts, and more benefits. Additional items included in this version are the Vikendi-exclusive G36C rifle, which fires 5.56mm rounds and can be equipped with stocks.

“A new vehicle in this update is the Tukshai, a three-wheeled bus that’s exclusive for the Sanhok desert-theme map area.”

It’s unclear if Tencent plans to make a big announcement when the new Season 6 content is available to everyone worldwide, or if this will pop up as a notification in-game.

PUBG Mobile will make an announcement on their CLUB OPEN 2019 plans during an upcoming one-year anniversary event hosted by Powerbang Gaming.

Also, the 1st Anniversary celebrity Alan Walker will join the party to have his first show of new song On My Way and play PUBG MOBILE alongside gaming influencers Liza Peachy, Faze Adapt and Scotty Sire.


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