PS5 DualSense controller gets fan art following and redesigned colours

So many talented artists have come up with new takes on the controller (Pic: Sony)

The reveal of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller has led to a number of fan-made alterations, observations, and anime girls.

While we still don’t have any proper idea of what the PlayStation 5 will look like, Sony has at least revealed the console’s controller, dubbed the DualSense.

This successor to the DualShock has elicited a rather mixed response amongst fans but it has generated a huge wave of fan-art, whether it be out of love for the controller or a desire to see it improved.

For example, many seem to not be fond of the pure-white colouring and have provided their own takes for alternate colour schemes that Sony could potentially distribute.

This one from ResetEra user EVIL gives it the classic PlayStation black colouring that has been associated with the brand since the PlayStation 2, right down to the coloured face buttons and original logo.

This is actually pretty sleek (Pic: EVIL)

fleshmonk on Twitter came up with several different colour schemes that Sony could feasibly sell. We’re particularly fond of the light blue one.

Reddit user Doomster78666 took things one step further by coming up with gradients that give off a nice neon aesthetic.

That steel-grey one’s quite tempting (Pic: Doomster78666)

But what if you wanted to represent your love for a specific game? Twitch streamer DormStreams has got you covered with his mock-ups of controllers with designs based on some of Sony’s most popular titles.

This Spider-Man one is pretty snazzy. We’d snap up that rumoured PS5 sequel in a heartbeat if it came with this.

This one definitely needs to be made official (Pic: DomStreams)

We also love the minimalist Nordic runes on the God Of War one.

An axe-shaped controller might be a bit unwieldy (Pic: DomStreams)

Laser Cowboy came up with a Death Stranding-themed one. That handprint is a really nice touch.

If we could only pick one, though, we’d definitely take this Persona 5 Royal one, courtesy of SuperMarioFaker.

It’s stolen our hearts (Pic: SuperMarioFaker)

But of course, many other artists have instead turned the controller into an anime girl. Because of course they have. Though most of it, from what we’ve seen, is quite tasteful, and there are some genuinely cool designs.

This one from Gofelem reminds us of KOS-MOS from sci-fi role-playing game Xenosaga (and now we want a new Xenosaga for PlayStation 5).

NkmR8’s take is legitimately pretty cute, turning the controller into a big, puffy jacket for a small girl to wear.

And picoro_o’s version is just adorable. It’s like a Pop figure but not awful.

kyoutasab was content with simply imbuing the controller with a personality, turning the control sticks into eyes. We especially like the detail of the wire making shapes depending on its mood.

ka92 came up with the idea of having the controller turn into a miniature spider robot. It’s a neat idea, though we doubt many players would appreciate having it run off on them in the middle of a game.

Speaking of robots, Ianoquinnzel came up with a more humanoid design. Anyone else get JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure vibes off of this one?

Finally, we have this design from pixiv artist R-4, who turned the DualSense into something that looks like it belongs in Zone Of The Enders.

We’d play a game with this in it (Pic: R-4)

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