PS Plus March 2019 UPDATE: Free PS4 games and PlayStation Plus news

It’s not just new PS4 free games PS Plus subscribers can enjoy in March as part of their ongoing subscription.

Right now, players can grab top titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness.

These PlayStation 4 games will remain on the PlayStation Store until early April, and they’re not the only PS Plus bonuses available.

Users in the UK who have an active PlayStation Plus account can also claim special rewards today.

These rewards are a little bit like the special PS Plus sales set up by Sony, as there only available for a limited amount of time.

If you’re a UK PS Plus subscriber, you can claim a Sky Sports Week Pass for use on your console.

This digial voucher makes it possible to access NOW TV Sky Sports for a week, making it possible to watch an entire weekend of Premier League action for free.

North American subscribers don’t have access to this deal as Sky Sports isn’t available in the United States or Canada.

However, fans in the North American region usually get access to more PS Plus discounts on a regular basis.

Sony does have a rewards program that offers points for when you spend money or complete challenges.

These challenges can change, but right now PS Plus gamers can score extra points doing the following tasks:

Subscriber to three PSN services for 300 points, rent three movies from the PSN Store for 250 points or rent three Sony Pictures movies for 500 points.

You can use your points to get anything in the Sony Rewards catalogue, meaning the latest PlayStation hardware and games, PlayStation Plus memberships, PlayStation Store codes, as well as movies, and music.

The PlayStation Plus recently saw some big changes made by Sony, including the removal of free PS3 and PS Vita games.

April 2019 will not feature any free titles for these gaming devices, and Sony has not added any extra games for the PS4.

Fans will want to check out the next PS Plus announcement from Sony, in case any of this has changed.

Sony has made it possible to store more stuff on your cloud account, including game saves.

It should also be noted that the PlayStation Plus subscription offers extra cosmetic bonuses from time to time.

Right now, players can download a special Apex Legends pack, which includes two weapon camos for the Flatline & RE45, one character camo each for Gibraltar and Bloodhound and one banner each for both Gibraltar and Bloodhound.


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